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Student Achievement Data

Retention and graduation data for both undergraduate and graduate students is provided in compliance with the WASC Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC) Criteria for Review 1.2. To help students, parents and the public learn about UC San Diego, we are providing a number of resources, data summaries and publications for you to utilize.

Exploring Student Data

Student Statistics and Data

Review student statistics and data. Search by degree recipient, applicant type, student discipline, major department, etc. You can learn about admissions and enrollment statistics, GPA and time to degree.

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Reports on Student Data

Search through the UC San Diego student digest reports and undergraduate student profile reports, browse our undergraduate retention and graduation statistics, and check out annual degree conferred reports.

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UC System- Information Center

Explore the UC story through data! Check out the UC Information Center for reports on undergraduate and graduate student experience, admissions, enrollment, affordability and outcomes.

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Undergraduate Data

This tool has three tabs: Degrees, Time-to-Degree and GPA. Toggle through each tab to find data on Undergraduate Degree Recipients.

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Data & Reports

Data and reports on UC and UC San Diego operations and activities are publicly available from a variety of sources.

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