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Approach for the Educational Effectiveness Review

The campus reaffirmation process will center on four areas of self-study and evaluation. These four topics were selected from a large number of suggested topics based on their relevancy for the campus and the degree to which they would have a maximal impact on undergraduate education. The four are (1) entry-level and freshman writing, (2) the organization and structure of foreign language instruction, (3) undergraduate program evaluation, and (4) information literacy. The first three of these themes have been the focus of ongoing campus efforts to improve student learning. Moreover, two of the current themes-writing and undergraduate program review-were noted in the 1998 report of the WASC Visiting Committee and in the July 6, 1998 letter from Ralph Wolff to then-Chancellor Dynes reaffirming our accreditation. The fourth topic of self-study will concentrate on information literacy. This is a topic of growing concern locally and nationally because profound transformations in information availability and authentication have occurred as electronic sources rapidly supplement and, in some instances, replace printed materials.

  1. Entry-level and Freshman Writing
  2. Delivery of Foreign Language Instruction
  3. Undergraduate Program Review
  4. Information Literacy