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Approach for the Capacity and Preparatory Review

Preparation for the Capacity and Preparatory Review phase of the accreditation process builds on institutional research and data repositories that are currently available to various campus constituencies.Over the past decade, the campus made these data directly available to academic and administrative departments via a number of data portals, and increasingly, results of this research may be found on diverse campus web sites.Work is underway to design and publish a web-based Institutional Data Portfolio that provides links to existing campus resources as well as to comparable data at the system-wide level. The Institutional Research Coordinating Committee (IRCC) is instrumental in overseeing this process along with representatives from Administrative Computing and Telecommunications (ACT).

In addition to the Institutional Data Portfolio, we plan to address issues raised by an analysis of WASC Standards and associated Criteria for Review related to how the campus meets specific criteria and where improvements can be made.We will develop a matrix that will show precisely where evidence relating to each criterion may be found or indicate what actions are being taken to improve UCSD's effectiveness.Further, some of the topics that will be covered in the Reflective Essays, e.g., student-learning outcomes measures, are also addressed in the self-study themes.

We view the preparation and use of institutional research data as integral to both the Capacity and Preparatory Review report and the Educational Effectiveness Review report; effectiveness cannot be separated from the resources and culture that support the University mission.