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Institutional Stipulations

  • UC San Diego is using the review process to demonstrate its fulfillment of the two Core Commitments, that it will engage in the process with seriousness and candor, that data presented are accurate, and that the Institutional Proposal will fairly present the institution.
  • UC San Diego has published and made publicly available policies in force, as identified by the Commission in Appendix 1 of the WASC Handbook.   Such policies will be available for review on request through the period of accreditation.  
  • UC San Diego will abide by procedures adopted by the Commission to meet United States Department of Education (USDE) procedural requirements as outlined in Section VI of the WASC Handbook.
  • UC San Diego will submit all regularly required data and any data specifically requested by the Commission during the period of accreditation.

Marye Anne Fox
Marye Anne Fox