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Appendices referenced in the Institutional Proposal

  1. UCSD Actions Associated with Recommendations from WASC pdf
  2. Campus Planning and Student Data and Informatio pdf
  3. Campus accreditation re-affirmation committees pdf
  4. Chancellor's campus-wide email announcements of the accreditation review
    1. Initial announcement, 6 May 2005
    2. Follow up notice, 14 October 2005 pdf
  5. A Review of UCSD Writing Programs: Visions of Assessment pdf
  6. Guidelines for readers of "University Writing" samples pdf
  7. Report of the report of the Senate-Administration Task Force to Examine Program Reviews  pdf
  8. Undergraduate Program Review Guidelines: the Self-Study and Self-Study Report pdf
  9. Summary data form pdf
  10. Required data elements
    1. Headcount enrollment by level pdf
    2. Headcount enrollment by status and location pdf
    3. Degrees granted by level pdf
    4. Faculty by employment status pdf
    5. Key financial ratios pdf
    6. Inventory of educational effectiveness indicators pdf

Information required for submittal with the Institutional Proposal

  1. Mission statement
  2. Organizational chart
  3. General Catalog (05/06)
  4. Financial statements (Note:   Financial data are audited at the systemwide level; the campuses are not individually audited.)
    1. UCSD Annual Financial Report 2003 (for 2002-2003) pdf
    2. UCSD Annual Financial Report 2003-2004 pdf
    3. UCSD Detailed Financial Schedules for the year ended June 30, 2003 pdf
    4. UCSD Detailed Financial Schedules for the year ended June 30, 2004 pdf
    5. University of California Annual Financial Report 2002-03 (audited)
    6. University of California Annual Financial Report 2003-04 (audited)
  5. List of academic programs currently offered from the Annual Report, 2005 pdf

Additional information

  1. About students
    1. Fall 2004 Student Profile pdf
    2. Fall 2004 Student Digest pdf
    3. 2004-2005 Retention and Graduate Rates pdf
    4. 2003-2004 Degrees Conferred pdf

If you need a break...

  1. New York Times crossword puzzle, published in The San Diego Union-Tribune on 7 August 2005. (Please note the clue for 1-down.)

*   Although we have provided these materials to the committee in paper format, all but the NYTimes crossword are also available in electronic form via the campus accreditation website at http://accreditation.ucsd.edu or by clicking the active link on this page.