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Capacity & Preparatory Review - Report

  1. Main Report
    • Introduction
    • The Institutional Portfolio
    • Faculty Reflective Essays
    • Student Reflective Essays
    • Concluding Essays
  2. Appendix A - Actions on Previous Review pdf
  3. Appendix B - UC San Diego Accreditation Website *
  4. Appendix C - Data Displays pdf
  5. Appendix D - Stipulated Policies *
  6. Appendix E - Commission Standards for Review
  7. Appendix F - Institutional Proposal pdf
  8. Appendix G - UC San Diego Committees pdf
  9. Appendix H - Crossword Puzzle pdf

Addendum to Report pdf

* All HTML pages included with the report were abbreviated version of this UCSD Accreditation website for use offline. Navigation to other pages included in the report will lead to abbreviated pages.  All other links point to the active, online resources.